Lyrics By Bill Fagan************************************** **********************Music By Jeff Scott
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(SUNG BY: Florence Dale)

The day your father left us
I cried and cried and cried
My gosh, your father left us
Now, it's my turn to provide

So scraping here
And scrimping there
Anything to make ends meet

But, sweetie,
When it comes to you
Such sacrifice is sweet

You are my Rock
The base on which I build my life
I'm proud to be your biggest fan,
My special man

You like to fight
I must admit that gets my goat
I'll overlook whatever I can
My special man

Search my heart, dear boy,
And there you will find
All my love for you
Could not be more blind

You have no flaws
Yes, perfect is as perfect does
My champion, not an also-ran
No flash in the pan
My special man