Lyrics By Bill Fagan************************************** **********************Music By Jeff Scott
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(SUNG BY: Nurse Treacher)
I'm right here, by your side,
I will never leave
But I guess you'll soon be dead,
Sso with this song I'll greve

I'll try to tell them,
To make them understand
That the help you gave, was not depraved,
Just wrong to play god's hand

His search for answers
To ease the pour boys pain
So he'd not go through, what we had to,
Came from this perfect brain

The experiment, worked good at first...and the boy calmed down
But as time went on, Rock grew strong... *
Merv was enthralled, I wore a frown

(*Treacher uses his fingers to make happy and sad faces with the edges of doctor's mouth.)

You can't force nature
I guess we should have known
That Rock's coming-out, in time, no doubt,
Would happen on it's own

Farewell, my darling
To dreams of world wide fame
Scientifically, they'll never be
Now go, with, Auntie Mame