Lyrics By Bill Fagan************************************** **********************Music By Jeff Scott
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(SUNG BY: Company with solos)

To wealth and prosperity
Health and hilarity
And nothing else but...

We couldn't be cheerier
Feeling superior
We swagger and strut...

We're rolling in cash
We're so flush when we flash
Our wads of the green stuff
Can't get enough

Business is boomin'
Plenty of room in
The lap of luxury!

The lap of luxury
Slip on a tux, you see
How comfy it is

Our dads were pushy, now
We've got it cushy, wow!
Champagne and fizz

We're living life to the hilt
Grander than Vanderbilt

Splurge as we must
The upper crust

Fate had it written
We all would sit in
The lap of luxury!

Wealth can bring great power
But cannot bring true love.

Man and wife are chosen
And blessed from above.

Still, the two must work hard to
Keep love aflame,
Faithfully and gracefully,
So both win the game.

From the shoulder of indifference
To the elbow of advantage
To the fingers full of luck and chance,

Our swells are sweller
Than Rockefeller's
Our roses always in full bloom...

From the foot of fame and fortune
To the knee of ambition
To the hips of easy circumstance,

You bet your assets
We reek of class, and
Our (sh!) smells like French perfume!

The lap of luxury
Millions of bucks to wheel
And deal like a king

The world's our playground
Our say-what-we-may-ground
We own everything

It's not that we're snobs
We've just never had jobs
We're well-off in our niche

The stinking rich...

Money to burn in
Come take a turn in
The lap of luxury!

Hideous dress, my dear,
What were you thinking of?

Poker my love, I was thinking of
Cramming it down your throat!

"Think again"

Ridiculous suit, my dear,
Who died and left you that?

Sweet pussycat...

"You rat!"

Your a poison, for which there's no antidote!

GIRLS * * * * * * * * * ****** * * * * * ****** **************** ** **** * BOYS
The lap
**************************************To wealth and prosperity
Of luxury *******
**************************************Health and hilarity
Slip on a tux, ***********************************And nothing else but...
you see how comfy it is...**********************************

Our dads **************************************We couldn't be cheerier
Were pushy now *************************************Feeling superior
We've got it cushy, **************************We swagger and strut...
wow! Champagne and fizz...****

Our fortunes are blessed
High finance has finessed
Itself to the extreme
A banker's dream

Strangers to scroungin'
We love to lounge in
The lap of luxury!

Some try to horn in
Best to be born in

The lap of luxury!