Lyrics By Bill Fagan************************************** **********************Music By Jeff Scott
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(SUNG BY: Madeline)

I was mingling at a party
On an evening late last June
When a handsome man inquired how I felt?

I was tingling, scared, perplexed
Can you guess what happened next?
Here is how I played the cards that I'd been dealt...

Don't think me rude
But I'm in the mood
To be mad about you

There is no doubt you

Have unbalanced my poor heart...

It's an art the way you do it

Much more than mild
I know I could be wild
To be mad about you

Love to re-route you
So you'd be mad for me.

You might think it pathetic
That I'm so frenetic-ly drawn
To you...

But, I'm contented
To be half-demented, half-gone...
To live on and let you love me

My attitude
Is I'm coming un-glued
To be mad about you

You great big lout, you

If you jilt me you'll be boo-ed...

Because I'm in the mood
To be mad about you...

To be mad about you.