Lyrics By Bill Fagan************************************** **********************Music By Jeff Scott
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(SUNG BY: Diabolique and Cameron)

When love calls,
Better be quick with your answer...
He who stalls,
Will get left out in the cold.

Guys and dolls
Have frolicked since time began, Sir
Cut loose and be uncontrolled
When love calls.

Offer me no lame excuses...
Come on, Cam,
Give in to what we both know.

No flim-flam, dear,
When a woman seduces,
You're a helpless so-and-so
When love calls.

Up to now,
I've lived life slow and steady.
Then there was you, and sacre bleu,
Perhaps I'm finally ready.

Let's go nuts,
And to the world we'll throw caution.
Show some guts,
Jump in, and get soaking wet.

All our doubts
And all our fears we'll be squashin'

We will show
Old Cupid we are not joshin'

Fill your glass
With love, that crazy concoction.

Sing a sweet duet, you bet,
When love calls!